Friday, March 6, 2015

NAV Report Last Page Footer

Many times I saw developers trying to figure out Report Footer or Header design using Report Footer/Header sections where they did not fit the requirements.
Here is an example on how to design report footer that shows in last page without using Footer section.
1- Sample Report design, Contact List
Design of sample report (Contact List)

2- Default Layout
Click View > Layout and add Insert Table Wizard, or add table control and manually the columns.
A side note on Table Wizard, it’s very useful and I use it a lot but that if you are experienced with report design otherwise try to use the manual approach until you have better grasp on the table control

Once you add the columns, you should get below layout or something close to it.

3- Adding Rectangle Control as Last Page Footer
Added a Rectangle control with some contents (shown below). Due to the location of the control (below the table control) it will only get printed in last page. Save and Run the report to view the results.

Thanks for going through the blog and I hope this was a helpful.